Submit a Guest Letter!

All readers are invited to submit their own letters to Josep about their own religion, culture, or country. You can see past guest letters here for inspiration!

Please note:

  • Letters must reflect the atmosphere of tolerance, respect, affection, and friendly curiosity that characterizes the blog and the friendship that inspired it. I will not post anything that is disrespectful towards any group or individual.
  • Letters should be addressed to Josep and signed by the writer. (You may choose a pseudonym or initial if you prefer.)
  • Letters may be of any length, though I recommend staying under 3,000 words.
  • You may indicate that you wish to include pictures in the checkbox below, or you could simply e-mail your letter and the pictures directly to me at letterstojosep[at]gmail[dot]com.
  • The idea of the blog is that knowledge and understanding are best spread not through lecturing or intellectual debate, but through friendship, sharing, and personal connection. Therefore, the best kind of letter is one that really comes from your heart, with as much information about you and your experiences as you feel comfortable sharing. So go ahead–tell us your story!

You can read more detailed guidelines here.

Can’t think of what to write? Here are some prompt questions to get you started, and here is the archive of previous guest letters to help inspire you. If those don’t help, just tell me about yourself in the contact form below and check the box indicating that you would like to be interviewed. I’ll send you specific questions to answer!

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