Happy Birthday, Josep!


It’s April 17th and time for my annual tradition: the blogging equivalent of parading Josep around like an abashed bar mitzvah boy so all his fans and admirers can congratulate him!

And this time, I am armed with recent photographs!

Or screenshots, as it were.

Thank you for being you, and for playing along so nicely with my weird ideas (and tolerating my weirdness in general). I wish you a year of health (!!!) and peace of mind and happiness, and may God bless you with everything your heart desires.

…And when the world gets you down, don’t forget what your doctor said! 😛

Mazal tov and per molts anys!

7 thoughts on “Happy Birthday, Josep!

      1. I started referring to you that way when I wasn’t sure whether to call you Jordi or Josep, and apparently it has stuck 😂

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