A Little Book-Related Update

Because I’m still totally in this mode:

chicken book

And I expect that’s not going to change very soon…

So first of all–I just want you to know that when I started out, I was afraid that I wouldn’t be able to sell more than 50 copies.

It’s been exactly a week since the book went live on Amazon, and I’ve already sold 54.

I love you all.

A few people have responded to my request to share photos of their copy upon receiving it. And while each one delighted me, I have to say, there is one in particular that is several leagues above the rest in its awesomeness. In case you didn’t see it on LtJ’s FB page or on the blog’s “About” page, where it has taken up permanent residence:

Doing what I've been making him do for ten years now...

Yes, ladies and gentlemen, contrary to what some people apparently believe, he does exist! (I have had conversations in the recent past with three completely unrelated people who assumed that he was a fictional literary device. Why would I do that?!?! And why does it make more sense for me to invent a Catholic friend in Barcelona to whom to address my letters, than for me to actually have a Catholic friend in Barcelona to whom I enjoy writing?! I can’t decide whether to be insulted that people seem to think this is so unlikely, or happy to have confirmation that it is, in fact, unlikely enough to be interesting…)

Anyway. The book is now up on Ingram Spark, which hopefully means it will be going up on Book Depository within the next few weeks (though it could take as long as two months). Keep an eye out for it, and if anybody spots it let me know! It will also be available through all of Ingram Spark’s print book distribution partners, which means that pretty much any bookstore or library will soon be able to order it through their usual suppliers. So: if you have a local library, bookstore, community center, or university that you think might benefit from acquiring some copies–mention it to them! (Maybe in a couple weeks, so it’ll actually be available when you do.) In the meantime, retailers can buy it wholesale from CreateSpace Direct. And individuals can, of course, order from Amazon. 🙂

And, once again, when you’ve finished reading, remember to leave a review. The Amazon.com page still doesn’t have any! 🙁 <–that is me. Sad. Because my book needs reviews. 🙁 <–you know you want to make me happy. (What do you mean, it actually takes time to finish reading it? What is this nonsense of which you speak?)

Okay okay I will now stop ranting about the book! (Well, for the moment. I’ll be finally receiving my own copies this coming Tuesday, and I will probably be back to gush about it some more. Bear with me.) Shabbat shalom, y’all. 🙂

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  1. If i knew that so many people would look at the photo, I would have sent you a picture of myself where I could trick you to think I was handsome 😉

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