Elementary Israeli Floral Education in Practice…

Remember how last year in January I posted a letter to Josep in which I described how Israelis are completely obsessed with nature? I wrote, “Over the years I have acquired bits and pieces of that fundamental education in Israeli flora. I now know, for instance, that these lovely bright red flowers blooming in a field across the street from us now, are called kalanit (anemone), and not pereg (poppy), which is the red spring flower that grows closer to the coast, where I grew up; or nurit (buttercup). Telling these three flowers apart is elementary knowledge in local botany for Israelis. (Here’s the secret, which you can’t really see in my picture: anemones have a white circle around the flower’s center, and the other two don’t. Buttercups have five petals, anemones have six, and poppies usually have four.) (You’re welcome.)”

Well, the kalaniyot are blooming in that field again, and sure enough, H (who is in first grade) came home with this today:

From right to left: kalanit, nurit, pereg.
From right to left: kalanit, nurit, pereg.

Like I said, it starts early!

Shabbat shalom!

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