Just Checking In

Dear Josep,

Well, you have quite enough of our personal correspondence to catch up on, so I’m letting you off easy this week.

…Okay, actually I’ve just been sick all week and dealing with other stuff (mostly good things!), and haven’t been feeling inspired.

But! I would not want to let our devoted blog readers languish over there, on the other side of their computer screens, despairing that they haven’t had their fill of my charming self this week! 😛 So I’m going to link to a little piece of mine that was published on Hevria yesterday. Hevria is an online platform for creative Jewish writing, and last week they posted an essay called “When Standing with Us Is Not Enough,” about the sense that Diaspora Jews are not doing enough in support of Israel. While I understand and identify with the sense of isolation Israelis feel during this time, I felt that the essay placed too much responsibility and blame on Diaspora Jews. So I wrote a response, which you can read here: “When Standing with Us Is More than Enough.”

And in case you missed it, my letter on “The 5 Secrets of Israeli Resilience Against Terror” was picked up by the Jewish online newspaper for Australia and New Zealand, J-Wire. You can see it here.

I hope that holds our readers over until next time. (As for you, I never worry that you suffer from a lack of my presence in your life. 😛 )

Shabbat shalom and lots of love,


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