So… most of you know Josep primarily as the pseudonym at the top of every post and not much else, and for all intents and purposes he is happy with that. I leave out personal details because he’s a fairly private person who doesn’t like to have much of an online presence. When I presented him with the idea of turning the “informative” part of our correspondence into a blog, he wasn’t opposed, but not exactly enthusiastic either. I recently asked, “Aren’t you pleased to be used as a literary device for the sharing of knowledge and understanding between different religions and cultures?! 😛 ”

He declined comment. 😛

…I tell you, no one brings out the bossy, nagging, meddlesome, embarrassing-in-public, you-never-call-you-never-write-I’ll-just-sit-here-in-the-dark Jewish mother stereotype in me like my beloved Christian friend. 😛

Accordingly, I just want to share with you that today is his birthday, and… let’s just say he could really use some good wishes right about now. I would be very grateful if those of you who read and enjoy the blog, including those of you who are shy about commenting, could wish him well in the comments, and if you are so inclined–let him know what this blog means to you… so he can be consoled that the exploitation of our friendship for my dastardly exhibitionist purposes is at least beneficial for some. 😉

Bon aniversari, Josep. Thank you for your friendship, and for inspiring me to write this blog.

With all my best wishes on this day and always,


6 thoughts on “*ahem*

  1. Happy Birthday “Josep”!! Have an amazing, fabulous day!
    This blog is amazing. I am forwarding it to all my non-Jewish friends who want to understand me better. Thanks for inspiring Daniella

  2. “Josep”, Have an amazing, incredible, God Blessed birthday today and may you live to be 120 in good, vibrant health, in joy, without financial distress, with loads of love from caring friends and relatives. May you share many joyous occasions with loved ones and may you find meaning in your life that brings you immense satisfaction and closer to the Creator. May your troubles be small and manageable. Your very presence in the world has given others the opportunity to grow and find happiness. May you continue to be a beacon for others. And your anonymity will remain respectfully respected. Thank you for being.. .

  3. Happy birthday Josep.
    I love reading the blog and sharing it with may jewish-american relatives who have been asking me questions about judaism which I dont really know how to answer…so thank you for this platform!

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